…First of all: history of gloves… Leather gloves were manufactured at first mostly to protect the hands from cold and to perform manual labor. Over time, they have become a symbol of elegance, status and superior social standing. For instance, to the ancient Egyptians, leather gloves were a symbol of prestige and they embodied especially a figurative and lithurgic value: it is no coincidence that a pair of leather gloves was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Ever since the barbaric invasions, barbarians would wear gloves in leather to protect themselves from the cold. Leather gloves, which were difficult to craft, became rare

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Guanti De Rosa - Italian Gloves De Rosa
and were therefore often a precious part of the loot during wars. After the invasions, the use of gloves was passed on to the Europeans. Leather gloves became clothing articles that denoted nobility. From the simple "bags" that would wrap the hands of the barbarian populations, they developed to contour the shape of the hand itself. In the past century, small factories have developed, in Italy and especially around Naples that manufacture leather gloves and that have rapidly attained notoriety both in Europe and around the world. It is precisely from one of these small artisan businesses that the history of Sergio De Rosa sas originates.

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